Catalyst is Evil as Fuck

A stage show really comes together when there’s a drop ceiling.

I bet there’s a bar less than fifteen feet from this stage.

How does this venue set the mood? They turn off the florescent lighting.

Listen to Catalyst HERE.


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What genre of metal are YOU listening to?

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Steel Angel Opera are Evil as Fuck!

When listening to their music, look at this photo. All I hear is whiny kid whose allowance isn’t quite up to what he requires – and he’s fuckin’ pissed off. He dabbles with autotune on the killer jam, “Elizabeth’s Song”…. and know you know what a drowning goth kid sounds like. The chick is probably related to that dumb bitch Janice from The Sopranos. See the resemblance?

Check ’em out on Facebook.

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Surgical Onslaught is Evil As Fuck!

Surgical Onslaught…. pouty motherfuckers, aren’t they? And will someone get the little bald dude a phone book or some high heels.

I’m willing to bet that one of these guys is a closet Juggalo too.

The band doesn’t have a bassist… that’s so annoying.

Surgical Onslaught can be found on Facebook and ReverbNation.


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Lustmord is evil as fuck

Nothing is gonna hold this band back – except for that railing.

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A Transylvanian Funeral is evil as fuck

A Transylvanian Funeral is evil as fuck

With a name like “A Transylvanian Funeral” I kind of expected something in a vampire theme. These guys look like stunt-doubles from a new Kevin James and Lou Diamond Phillips flick. Brokeback Mountain: The Leather Years, perhaps?

Check ’em out HERE.

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Metal Band Logos: Can YOU Read Them?

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