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A Transylvanian Funeral is evil as fuck

A Transylvanian Funeral is evil as fuck

With a name like “A Transylvanian Funeral” I kind of expected something in a vampire theme. These guys look like stunt-doubles from a new Kevin James and Lou Diamond Phillips flick. Brokeback Mountain: The Leather Years, perhaps?

Check ’em out HERE.


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The True Endless

The dude in the back (probably the drummer) refused to wear make-up. I bet he’s already kicked out of the band.

One of these people go by the stagename “Soulfucker”.

Maybe you’ll like them:

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Amerakin Overdose

Amerakin Overdose has the distinct privileged of being the first band to showcase on this site. Let’s get started.

This is not an old Slipknot press photo. I know, right? I totally thought – “oh, Slipknot”. But it’s not – even though they have a fat guy banging shit on the side, it’s not Slipknot. Collectively this is Amerakin Overdose. They originally went with what would have been a much better choice – American Overdose. However everybody the band thinks that “amerakin” is way better.

Their music is ok. Electronic hype music with visions (by the band) of giant circle pits.

The band is made up of people with evil as fuck nicknames. Cody “The Conscious” Perez -Vocals , Pito “The Filth”Perez – Percussion and Vox ,”The Brick” – Drums , Freeman “The Enygma”Manfree – Guitar,” Unlucky” Eddie Ray

“Dude, let’s all wear black shirts and white ties.”

The Colonel’s grandson does make-up right.

Maybe you’ll like them:

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