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Surgical Onslaught is Evil As Fuck!

Surgical Onslaught…. pouty motherfuckers, aren’t they? And will someone get the little bald dude a phone book or some high heels.

I’m willing to bet that one of these guys is a closet Juggalo too.

The band doesn’t have a bassist… that’s so annoying.

Surgical Onslaught can be found on Facebook and ReverbNation.



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Meanwhile at a burrito stand in Bogota, NJ….

What do you mean you’re out of sriracha hot sauce?!

Check ’em out HERE

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Some people can’t juggle. Tommy can’t eat pudding.

Check ’em out HERE.

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Old Ritual

I know at least one band member is gonna be so sad when he finds out that his bike was stolen during this photo shoot.

Maybe you’ll like them:

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Mythology is the band name but you’ll find no actual nod to the gods here. In lieu of myths and folklore, Mythology has gone for the leather armbands and a wildfire. Only you can prevent forest fires.

Have the band members all been crying?

Maybe you’ll like this band:

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Ravenhelm opted to save time AND money but having his press photos taken during the family vacation. Good call!

Maybe you’ll like his music:

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The True Endless

The dude in the back (probably the drummer) refused to wear make-up. I bet he’s already kicked out of the band.

One of these people go by the stagename “Soulfucker”.

Maybe you’ll like them:

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