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Del Tetra

Grrr!!!! I’m an angry teenager!!! My parents never loved me – not even on Christmas when they failed at giving me everything my undeserving ass asked for!!!!!!

Ah – the ol’ classic “hump tree – act spooky – look angry – gothic Eeyore with giant chain accessory” pose. Well done, Del Tetra. Well done.

Check ’em out HERE.


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Free photo tip #14

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Photography Tip #315

Questions for the band:
Who is the finger directed towards?
Why is Hasselhoff holding back that other dudes hair?
You’re located in Arizona – why the fuck are you wearing leather jackets?

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Written in Torment

Leviathan is Written in Torment. The Biblical sea monster has documented his mental suffering. Levi is a lone wolf. The solo pilot of WIT. Lyrics – Levi. Music – Levi. Make-up – Levi.

“Just take the picture already. My parents are gonna be home any minute now.”

Maybe you’ll like what you hear:

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