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Free Photography Tip #128

Thanks for at least taking the plastic off the furniture.


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Mythology is the band name but you’ll find no actual nod to the gods here. In lieu of myths and folklore, Mythology has gone for the leather armbands and a wildfire. Only you can prevent forest fires.

Have the band members all been crying?

Maybe you’ll like this band:

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Wolven Ancestry

Wolven Ancestry… protectors of the sacred tree of suburbia. With their woodshop-crafted miniature telephone polls, no mortal safe. The Jedi half-perched on the rock should be enough to intimidate any foe.

Maybe you’ll like them:

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Written in Torment

Leviathan is Written in Torment. The Biblical sea monster has documented his mental suffering. Levi is a lone wolf. The solo pilot of WIT. Lyrics – Levi. Music – Levi. Make-up – Levi.

“Just take the picture already. My parents are gonna be home any minute now.”

Maybe you’ll like what you hear:

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