Lordi + backing tracks = FAIL

Don’t you hate it when your backing track fucks up.

Click HERE to watch Lordi fail.


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The Importance of Good Photography on Your Website

Shinobi Ninja: good photo

Band photography is a subject that has frustrated me for quite some time. Rebecca at HostBaby has written an excellent article on the subject which offers several tips that should absolutely be utilized.

“Let’s get one thing straight here right away – good photography can make or break whether or not people will hire you, feature your music in their magazine, or even just stay on your website for more than 10 seconds.”

As it relates to promotion, I personally struggle every week to find good photos of bands with up-coming shows at the venue I work at. On our website we have a rotating banner to promote shows. Ideally the headlining band would get the photo placement, but many times it’s just not available. So I check with direct support…. nothing. How about the 2nd opener? Nope. There have actually been times when the banner to promote a specific show doesn’t feature a single band photo simply because none of the bands have found the time to stand in front of a camera for a quality photo. Soooo frustrating.

To take this aesthetic challenge even further – band posters often miss the boat on successfully conveying what exactly the band is about. Established bands can get away with just an image because their audience is already familiar with it. However the local band that opts to sell themselves with the image of a busy intersection or cows in a pasture just won’t translate.

Sometimes bands are their own worst enemy.

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Graveyard Rodeo is evil as fuck

Oh, shit! Ya’ll busted out a few candled and a Baphomet pentagram flag…. but where did you find the miniature White Castle and why did you choose to stand behind it?

This looks like two guys are waiting for the other two guys to um, do stuff to their, uh, evil buttholes. I guess if that’s what Satan wants….

Check ‘em out HERE.

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Meanwhile at a burrito stand in Bogota, NJ….

What do you mean you’re out of sriracha hot sauce?!

Check ’em out HERE

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Some people can’t juggle. Tommy can’t eat pudding.

Check ’em out HERE.

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Del Tetra

Grrr!!!! I’m an angry teenager!!! My parents never loved me – not even on Christmas when they failed at giving me everything my undeserving ass asked for!!!!!!

Ah – the ol’ classic “hump tree – act spooky – look angry – gothic Eeyore with giant chain accessory” pose. Well done, Del Tetra. Well done.

Check ’em out HERE.

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Free photo tip #14

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